One Minute Manager: two minute summary

Why read One Minute Manager?

The One Minute Manager is a short book that explains how to manage people effectively. It teaches you simple but effective techniques that make the workplace more calm and productive.

Define "problem"

A problem only exists if there’s a difference between what’s actually happening and what you want to be happening- otherwise it’s just a complaint.

Define "solution"

Check a solution by asking- if this is implemented, will what actually happens change to what you want to happen?

One Minute Praisings

Praise people when they do something new that you notice is good. This builds a shared understanding of good performance, and confidence.

If you catch people doing something right at the start of a project to let them know what you value about what they do, they will be more likely to do it again.

One minute praisings work well when you:

One Minute Goals

Goals should be easy to summarise. If you can’t summarise a goal in a sentence, it’s too complex. Break down complex goals into smaller goals.

Goals must be clear and specific.

If it later turns out that a goal was not clear, take responsibility for this as a goal setter and clarify the goal.

One Minute Redirects

When expectations are clear, people feel more safe and comfortable. Being corrected reduces stress- as an alternative to knowing that you’ve done something wrong and not knowing what to do next, or noticing others upset with you and not knowing why.

One minute redirects work well when you:

What if you make a mistake?

Final notes

Goals are related to consequences. Goals begin behaviours. Consequences influence future behaviours.

In other words:

Some people may not recognise some of the above. That is where One Minute Praisings come in. A One Minute Praising is your chance to let someone know that they've succeeded in doing something that you value and that you appreciate it.

You can see how nicely these concepts come together.


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