Github Discord Hook

Create pretty Github hooks for Discord.

Create your Discord Webhook

Discord offers Github webhooks that you can't customise. This tool creates webhooks that look like below. This tool is designed for use with Conventional Commits. Your commit tag (e.g. feat:) will be the Discord message title (e.g. ✨ Feature). The commit message will be the Discord message body.

git commit -m "feat: I just made a commit, and it's this pretty!"

Example of Github Discord Hook

To start, you need a Discord Webhook. Learn how to make one.

Customise your webhook

Test the webhook

Press the blue button to send a fake sample commit to your Discord channel.

Add the webhook to Github

How to add a webhook to Github:

  1. Go to your repository settings β†’ Webhooks
  2. Click "Add webhook"
  3. Paste the Payload URL under this text into the "Payload URL" on Github
  4. Under "Content type", select "application/json"
  5. Click "Add webhook"
When you first add the webhook, Github will ping the webhook and we will send a welcome message to your Discord channel.


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